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[A1-725250 Hose]
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[Back yard fire protection: A 1" and 1½ " fire station Kit comes with Hose, Nozzle, Brass Fitting and instructions.]
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[Combat ready fire hose is designed specifically for aggressive interior fire attack operations.]
[Darley 800 fire hose is an attack grade fire hose designed specifically for the toughest fire fighting jobs.]
[ DarQuest Lightweight Fire Hose is the answer with a durable lightweight design.]
[Hi rise fire hose This lightweight fire hose is ideal for high-rise packs. At about half the weight of standard double jacketed hose, the Hi Rise Fire Hose is easier and less stressfull to carry up stairs.]
[The Large Diameter Fire Hose has an especially formulated rubber compound that provides a tough cover that resists tear and abrasion, snags, hot embers, cuts and most chemicals.]
[The Rack Hose™ is an all polyester single jacket interior protection hose for buildings and plants.]
[Spec 187 Forestry Fire Hose Extremely lightweight all synthetic forestry fire hose which meets or exceeds USDA Spec 187]
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New!  Now You may purchase the the A1-725250 hose in any length up to 100 ft.

A1-725250 HOSE specifications

Physical properties

Physical properties

Spec Number

Coupling bowl size

Weight per 50 ft

Coil Diameter per 50 ft













3/4" GHT

2 lbs


(19 mm)


(19.1 mm)

(0.7 kg)

(23 cm)


●The hose shall be a single jacket construction with 100% spun polyester yarn.

●There shall be a minimum of 21.0 filler yarns per inch in the jacket.

●The thickness of the lining shall be 0.012" (305 µm) minimum and it shall be constructed of extruded T.P.U. elastomer.

●If required (optional), the outside jacket shall be treated with yellow ENCAP elastomer, which shall completely encapsulate the jacket

fibers and not merely surface coat the jacket.

●The hose service temperature range shall be -60°F to 140°F (-51°C to 60°C).

●At 250 PSIG (2100 kPa), its elongation shall not exceed 2% of the initial hose length, it shall not warp more than 10 inches (25 cm) and

should not rise from the test table.

●The hose shall not twist more than 5 turns per 50 ft (15,2 m) while at 250 PSIG (2100 kPa).

●Minimum service test pressure of 150 PSIG (1050 kPa).

●Minimum proof test pressure of 250 PSIG (2100 kPa).

●Minimum straight burst test pressure of 450 PSIG (4200 kPa).

●The hose while curved to a radius of 27" (69 cm) shall not burst at less than 450 PSIG (4200 kPa).

A1-725250 HOSE

A versatile multipurpose high-pressure fire hose made with 100% virgin spun polyester and lightweight, high strength T.P.U. lining. Coupled with brass ferrule type couplings with garden hose thread. This hose is perfect for garden hose use. The primary design of this hose was for fighting forest fires. Some of the applications were filling pump cans, protecting pump operating areas, supplying sprinklers, low volume hand-lines, remote fire-line protection and mop up.

After the introduction of this small fire fighting hose to the general public, primarily as a drinking water supply for RV and campers. It is Drinking Water Certified, lightweight, compact, and easy to use. The superior quality and design of the Econoflo hose, makes it the choice of everyone that uses it. Compare the Superior design and quality of an A1-725250 flat hose, to other flat and vinyl Garden hose. When it comes to other flat hoses, like the ones seen on TV, you hear statements like, based on Fire hose technology or similar to Fire hoses. The A1-725250 Series hoses are made of Fire hose material, they are Fire Fighting hoses with Garden Hose connectors.